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全明星周 | The All-Stars Week

无论是横跨国家还是世界(或者对纽约的全明星而言只是穿越城市),这一夜,晒作品全明星都将一一抵达纽约市,赶往距离 ADC 艺术廊几步之遥的一座曼哈顿酒店。在简单的会面和欢迎活动后,全明星们将在星期一早上齐聚 ADC,听取广告公司和客户对他们一周任务的简要介绍。所有的全明星将分成数支团队,随后放手制定尽他们最大能力的出色营销活动。



Whether traveling across the country or across the globe (or in the case of the New York All-Star, across town) the Portfolio Night All-Stars arrive in New York City and are whisked to a Manhattan hotel just steps away from the ADC Gallery. After an informal meet and greet, the All-Stars arrive at ADC bright and early on Monday morning for a briefing by the agency and client about their week-long mission. The All-Stars are placed into teams and then turned loose to create the best campaign possible.

The week is studded with inspirational chats from world-renowned creative directors, visits to agencies, brand-relevant sites and other New York landmarks. Touchpoints throughout the week make sure the teams are on the right path. All the while, however, the clock ticks towards that Friday deadline, where each team will present their campaign in front of real agency and client representatives.

At the end of it all, one team will be selected as the winner, but Portfolio Night All-Stars is truly an experience where everyone involved wins!