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Creative Directors

Matthew Atkatz
Executive Creative Director · SAPIENTNITRO
Robert Kleman
Executive Creative Director · SAPIENTNITRO
James Allen
Creative Director · SAPIENTNITRO
Andrew Goldstein
Creative Director · SAPIENTNITRO
Jason Levine
Creative Director · SAPIENTNITRO
Jordan Lipton
Creative Director · SAPIENTNITRO
Boris Stojanovic
Creative Director · SAPIENTNITRO
Monica Marulanda
Senior Creative Director · ALMA DDB
Iu La Lueta
Creative Director · ALMA DDB
Jorge Murillo
Creative Director · ALMA DDB
Monserrat Valera
Creative Director Art · ALMA DDB
Ana Testa
Alvaro Ramos
Associate Creative Director · CRISPIN PORTER + BOGUSKY
Russell Dodson
Creative Director · THE AGENCY
Tony Kalathara
Creative Director · DAVID THE AGENCY
Sebastian Santana Bru
Creative Strategist · FACEBOOK
Christian Layugan
Creative Director / Visual Design · GRAFIKSPAM
Hazel Swayne
Global Partnership Director · HYPER ISLAND
Pippa Seichrist
Co-Founder / Co-Director / Head of Innovation · MIAMI AD SCHOOL
Juan Muñoz
Creative Director · NATIVO
Julien Tauban
Creative Director / Visual Design · PwC
Rodrigo Butori
Group Creative Director · THE COMMUNITY
Ricky Vior
Creative Director · THE COMMUNITY
Mees Maks
Director of Strategy · VICE MEDIA
Claudio Lima
Chief Creative Officer · THE BRAVO GROUP

Portfolio Night is a perfect event for this Latin-infused city, and that’s why we are excited to have Miami return as a Portfolio Night location after a five-year hiatus.


创意之夜汇聚了来自世界各地的上千名年轻创意者、数百位创意总监、几十个城市主办机构以及一些全球合作伙伴。这个千载难逢的机会在全球范围内 “仅此一夜”。快来了解创意之夜,并看看我们的常见问题解答是否能帮助你。

Portfolio Night brings together thousands of young creatives, hundreds of creative directors, dozens of host agencies in cities around the world, and a select few global partners, all in a “one night only” event across the planet. Find out about Portfolio Night and see if it's right for you in our FAQS.

赢得一次去纽约的机会: | Win a Trip To New York:


The person voted as having the best portfolio on the night, will win a trip to New York. Click here to find out more.


5:00pm:Registration Begins
6:30pm: Kick-off
- Welcome video and introduction
- Rundown of event
7:00pm: Review Round 1
- session 1, 15min
- session 2, 15min
- session 3, 15min
7:45pm: Break 1
8:00pm: Review Round 2
- session 1, 15min
- session 2, 15min
- session 3, 15min
8:45pm: Break 2
9:00pm: Review Round 3
- session 1, 15min
- session 2, 15min
- session 3, 15min
9:45 pm: Closing Announcements– Allstar Winner Announced!



2911 Grand Avenue,

Miami, FL 33133