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Creative Directors

Michael Miller
SVP / Executive Creative Director · Razorfish
Todd Ziaja
Creative Director · Razorfish
Michael Brandt
Creative Director · Razorfish
Shane Bzdok
Design Principal · Razorfish
Jeremy Cross
Associate Creative Director · Razorfish
Micky Ogando
Principal / Chief Creative Officer · BAKERY
Dominick Bellia
Creative Director · Chaotic Moon
Ivan Cook
EVP of Design · Chaotic Moon
John Norton
Creative Director · Chaotic Moon
Nikki Baker
Creative Director · GSD&M
Lara Bridger
Group Creative Director · GSD&M
Nicole DuMouchel Davis
Creative Director · GSD&M
Mark Snow
Creative Director · GSD&M
Travis Waid
Creative Director · GSD&M
Bart Cleveland
Creative Director · Job Propulsion Lab
Alejandro Egozcue
Creative Director · LatinWorks
Daniel Lobaton
Creative Director · LatinWorks
Norbi Zylberberg
SVP / Group Creative Director · LatinWorks
Michael Anderson
Creative Director · McGarrah Jessee
Chris Barnard
Creative - Digital Lead · McGarrah Jessee
James Mikus
Executive Creative Director · McGarrah Jessee
Orlando Ramirez
Associate Director of Design · Mutual Mobile
Craig Mikes
Creative Director / Principal · Proof Advertising
Philip Wilhelm
Creative Director · Mutual Mobile
Maria D'Amoto
Associate Creative Director · R/GA
Paul Dery
Executive Creative Director · R/GA
Megan Coffey
Chief Creative Officer · Springbox
Stephanie Skaggs
Associate Creative Director · Springbox
Carolyn Connolly
Creative Director · T3
Ashley Lapin
Associate Creative Director · T3
Will Chau
Founder / Creative Director · The Austin Creative Department / GSD&M
Clay Colwell
Design Principal · Thinktiv

Giddyup! The “Keep it Weird” city has played host to Portfolio Night every year since Portfolio Night 8. This year marks the first time Razorfish will step into the role of City Host.


创意之夜汇聚了来自世界各地的上千名年轻创意者、数百位创意总监、几十个城市主办机构以及一些全球合作伙伴。这个千载难逢的机会在全球范围内 “仅此一夜”。快来了解创意之夜,并看看我们的常见问题解答是否能帮助你。

Portfolio Night brings together thousands of young creatives, hundreds of creative directors, dozens of host agencies in cities around the world, and a select few global partners, all in a “one night only” event across the planet. Find out about Portfolio Night and see if it's right for you in our FAQS.

赢得一次去纽约的机会: | Win a Trip To New York:


The person voted as having the best portfolio on the night, will win a trip to New York. Click here to find out more.


5:00pm: Registration Begins
6:00pm: Kick-off
- Welcome video and introduction
- Rundown of event
6:30pm: Review Round 1
- session 1, 15min
- session 2, 15min
- session 3, 15min
7:15pm: Break 1
7:30pm: Review Round 2
- session 1, 15min
- session 2, 15min
- session 3, 15min
8:15pm: Break 2
8:30pm: Review Round 3
- session 1, 15min
- session 2, 15min
- session 3, 15min
9:30pm: Closing Announcements
All Star Announcement
9:45pm Overtime


Razorfish Austin

300 West Sixth, Suite 1200,

Austin, TX 78701

+1 512 532 2000